Math - Mrs. Gable


Here is your video that is assigned on 11/17 and due 11/21

evaluate algebraic expressions.mp4

11/10 assignment due 11/14-- Please watch and take notes on the following video by Monday! Think about the answer you got to the math problem you did in homeroom!
order of operations video.mp4

10/21 assignment due 10/24:
Listen and participate in the video about comparing and ordering integers. Also, there is a GREAT game site at where you scroll down to integers and pick "Compare integers fruit splat" or "Order integer number balls" for some GOOD fun!! ordering integers.mp4

10/6 assignment due 10/7:
Please make sure that you listen to the entire video. There is an assignment that goes with it so please make sure you do it. You are the best!!! :)
simplifying diagonally.mp4

9/24, 9/25, or 9/26 assignment due Tuesday 9/27:
Please know that this assignment is the equivalent of me teaching you in class. Therefore, you are to put in your best effort and take good notes so the topic does not need to be taught from scratch on Tuesday. Thanks for your diligence!
divisibility rules.mp4

9/11 or 9/12 assignment for periods 3,6, and 7:
Please know that there is a way to prove you have watched the whole video inside the video itself. Please do what I tell you to do in order to receive 5 points for this activity. Remember, if you have technical difficulties, I will need a note/email from an adult. We'll then have you watch it in the library during homeroom.
estimation with division.mp4

Thanks for being awesome! Here's the video assignment for period 3,6, and 7:
multiply decimals rules video.mp4