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Miss Holly Nickolas

 Franklin Regional Middle School students have the opportunity to experience four different Family & Consumer Sciences courses during grades 6 through 8.

 6th Grade
Young Living
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Young Living is for students who want to learn how to care for young children and earn money doing it! J  Leadership skills, safety and safe play, basic care, first aid and professionalism are learned by participating in the American Red Cross (ARC) Babysitting Program.

 7th Grade
Taking Charge
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Taking Charge helps students take responsibility for their basic needs.  Kitchen safety, cooking skills and sanitary food handling will be discussed while student learn to make and taste a variety of foods. Students will explore the food pyramid guidelines at choosemyplate.gov to help make healthy food choices.

Additionally, students will demonstrate understanding of basic sewing skills by completing hand sewing projects as well as one using the sewing machine.  Students will have a choice as to which project they want to purchase for the machine-sewing project. 

 8th Grade
Managing Your Resources 

Managing Your Resources is for students striving to manage their lives as a consumer, as a team player, as a leader and as one who makes nutritionally sound decisions.  In addition to the traditional classroom setting, the kitchen lab is the setting where students learn interpersonal skills, practice management skills, learn to cook, adapt recipes, make healthy food choices and tackle health and consumer issues.  Other topics covered include hospitality, advertising, credit and consumer issues.

 8th Grade
Where I Live

Where I Live gives students the opportunity to learn about housing issues and interior decorating.  Students become the interior decorator as they  learn ways to give a room a “new” look through color, style and design principles.  Student will draw floor plans, select furnishings and accessories and learn to arrange furniture to maximize space and minimize clutter.